My trips

Happy husband, city guy, I escape to the mountains skiing or to my adoptive city Barcelona.

Trying to discover new cultures, I'm very attracted by Asia and especially its buddhist part. Fallen in love with Nepal and the kindness of the people.


Some of my trips

I have the chance to travel close and far away. I choose not to stay home and see the world, discuss with people. I try to understand their living. What a wonderful opportunity!

Images for life in your head

Boudhanath stupa, Kathmandu.

My first immersion into Buddhism, back to 2007. I also met a great soul, Pemba. He's a Sherpa with a big heart. I met later his family and we kept this friendship growing since then.

Trekking in Nepal has been an experience of a lifetime, back to the roots and away from the modern world. Back to basics, back to my inner-me.

Machu Picchu, Peru.

If one picture would stay in my head, it would be that one: the Machu Picchu.

2006, end of day and almost alone before going down to Aguas Calientes.

Sitting, watching and enjoying a view in silence.

The power of faces

Along the Mekong River, Laos, some villages are still very protected from mass tourism. Visits are organised in very small groups by guides who know the locals. This gives you a privileged contact with local people and their culture.

Think different, carpe diem & seize the day!